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Calming Practice for The Holidays (Or Anytime You're Busy) |

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I'm so excited to celebrate a national day of gratitude. Of course, we should practice feeling grateful every day, but I'm all for raising gratitude awareness in any way possible. My challenge to you: ask everyone you see tomorrow what they're grateful for. Amidst all the holiday...
Need To Reset Your Eating Habits? Here's How |

It happens to the best of us - we're in a groove with our diet, we're eating healthy and feeling really great, and then something happens. Maybe it's a holiday or birthday, maybe you went out of town, or maybe your family came to visit. Whatever it was, the break...
4 Ways To Reclaim Your Creativity (Even If You Don’t Think You’re Creative) |

Have your creative ideas been on the back burner for a while? Do you have projects you'd love to work on, but can never seem to find the time? These 4 ways to reclaim your creativity will help you get going. Try one...
I Want To Be Wild |

I want to be wild. I want bird songs and cold mornings and clean air. I want fire and flashlights. I want to sleep close to the Earth. I want leaves rustling, twigs snapping, sounds of creatures unseen. I want clarity, beauty, openness, and freedom. I want to...
The Importance Of Snatching Time |

I am writing this post in the gorgeous morning light, during a time when I am normally working. I only have about twenty minutes while my internet is restored, and I don't want to waste it. It feels so good to snatch this small chunk of time and enjoy...
Feel Comfortable With Your Surroundings (Guided Meditation) |

Take a deep breath. In. And out. Now take this moment to feel out any stress that has gathered in your body. Once you feel it, picture a warm healing light, melting through the stress and renewing your body. Feel this light enter you...

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